Products Offered

  • Red Mulch or Brown Mulch $40/cu. yard

Virgin wood fibers that are tumbled in a coloring agent.  Colored mulch is environmentally friendly, retains it’s color for 2 seasons or more and is slow to decompose.

  •  Hardwood Bark Mulch $34/cu. yard

The most economical ground cover available.  Reduces weed growth, retains ground moisture and adds valuable soil nutrients.

  • Northern White Cedar $42/cu. yard

Aromatic, insect resistant, and slow to decompose.  It is a combination of bark and wood fiber.  A medium to coarse texture and golden in color.

  • River Rock available in 2 sizes, either size $75/ton

Small ¾” average size                 Large 1 1/2” average size


  • Compost $52/cu. yard

Locally produced, all natural ingredients.  One cubic yard covers about 324 sq. ft. when applied 1” deep.  Should be used as a soil amendment or light top-dressing.

  • We also carry sand at $32/yard, gravel at $25/ton, decomposed granite at $54/ton and pulverized top soil is $59/yard.

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